LEGFLOW; Selected patient cases of ’The Spanish Registry study on BTK lesion treatments.’

Case 1

Dr. Sirvent

Patient presentation:
73 years old female. Risk factors: hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus II. Medical history: chronic myeloid leukaemia, cardiac insufficiency. Actual complaints: ulcers in first and second toes of the right leg. ABI 0’37.

Percutaneous intervention 28.10.2013
Anticoagulation: aspirin, clopidogrel and heparine. 5F short sheath antegrade approach. Predilatation with 2 mm balloon anterior tibial and peroneal arteries and tibioperoneal trunk. Treatment with different Legflow balloons at nominal pressure (4×40 mm in popliteal segment; 2.5×200 mm in anterior tibial and peroneal arteries and tibioperoneal trunk).

Successful recanalization. Post intervention there was no residual significant stenosis. No complications.

Available follow-up:
2 years: Asymptomatic. No ulcers. No adverse events. Pedal pulse present. ABI 1.

More Info:

Treatment of CLI patients with complex anatomies performed by Dr. Koen Deloose, Dendermonde, BE

These case reports describe the disease of the patients and the possibilities and limitations the users had to treat the patients in the best possible way.

Case 1

LEGFLOW 0.014”- BTK treatment of left anterior tibial angiosoma
in an extended vascular history 84y male patient.

  • You can find nice description on our technology at min 1:59
  • From min 12:20 to min 15:00 you can see how LEGFLOW® performs in a “very high grade stenosis” and you can hear Dr. Deloose’s point of view and tips about DCB use in BTK treatment.
  • Min 19:30 to 21:00 how to avoid DCB geographical mismatch in a very long occlusion

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